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Q. Why cover cloth?
A. Because we believe that your spa cover needs some love too .

Q. Is the cover cloth designed for a particular spa?
A. Cover cloth was created for all types of spa shapes.

Q. Do i have to remove the spa cover cloth every time I use the spa/hot tub?
A. NO. The cover cloth has been created to perfectly fit the spa cover, never needing to be removed for spa usage.

Q. Is there any particular detergent I need to use to wash my cover cloth?
A. We do not recommend using bleach, ever.

Q. What is the difference between the Spa Cover Cloth and a spa cover protectant?
A. A protectant can not withstand the Four seasons, mainly the harmful rays of the sun. Our Cover cloths protect against all types of weather conditions.

Q. What is the purpose of these product?
A. The purpose of the cover cloth is to save you time, money and effort on cleaning your spa cover ever.

Q. How easy is to set up and remove the spa cover cloth?
A. Extremely easy takes 5 min to install and 1 min to remove it.

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