Spa Cover Cloth

Your Benefit
The value of the spa and looks is determined by the condition of the cover by 80%, having the spa cover exposed to de sun will significantly deteriorate the vinyl, spa cover cloth it’s an excellent way, not only to save hundreds of dollars, but also to keep the spa cover in a good shape protected from the sun exposure, spa cover cloth it’s a cost efficient product.

The Convenience
You never have to clean your spa cover again. You can use it on an old spa cover or a new one. The Spa cover Cloth is washable and reusable. It is light and fun. Easy to Install. Inexpensive.

The Difference
Made With The Best Possible Quality Of Material,Top quality Fabric.Made to fit perfectly on any spa cover,Waterproof,Durable,washable and reusable.
The Value
It is a convenient value to any spa model.

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